Chicago and My New Favorite App

Posted by Amy Wu in Personal, Travels

A couple of weeks ago I visited the awesome city of Chicago.  I used this super awesome app called City Mapper.  Public transportation is so easy with this app because it allows the user to see exactly where the metro stops would be so it is perfect and I love it!  As long as you have signal on the phone you are golden! Each stop is updated in the app and it tells you what time the next train will be coming and your time of arrival is also updated along the way.  You can also set an alarm in case you doze off!

So today I needed to go into DC to check out a wedding venue for a couple that I will be photographing in July.   I like to be prepared so that I know what kind of lighting situation I would be presented with and it allows me to see the space I am working with.  It’s only taken me 16 years, but I finally made it into DC on the Metro and back home all by myself.  I used to always drive into DC and would avoid the Metro because once when I was pregnant and going to the Smithsonian Zoo the doors to the Metro shut so quickly that I got separated from my family. Ever since then I feared riding the Metro and getting lost.  But after my Chicago trip I decided I needed to get over this silly fear in my own city.  My new favorite app, the City Mapper saved my day. I feel like a big girl taking baby steps today, lol! 🙂

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